Consort has extensive experience in planning large and small scale projects. The firm has prepared land plans for sites ranging from several hundred acres to less than an acre. The focus of our planning efforts has always been to accomplish the objectives of the owner, bring added value to the land and enhance and protect the surrounding environs.

Consort developed a site plan for an international energy-related services corporation for a 450-acre campus. The plan included multiple buildings, totaling more than 1,600,000 square feet and a recreational park for employees. More than 300 acres were dedicated to permanent conservation easements.

A long term client of the firm acquired a 75-acre tract which was encumbered with power lines, an obligation to build two major arterials which the pro forma would not support and very little other street frontage. Consort developed a plan for an industrial development totaling 1,400,000 square feet. An arrangement was made with the city to participate in the development of the roads. The site was completely built out in less than four years.

Consort developed a unique strategic plan for a community in northwest Texas in which the leaders of the community were asked, for the first time, to develop long-range plans for their organizations (i.e., school district, city council, county commissioners, chamber of commerce, economic development organization). These plans were then merged with those of other organizations in the community to create a cohesive overall strategy. This approach allowed the major leading organizations of the community to shoulder the harness together and pull in the same direction.

Another company client won the rights to develop a two-acre tract near downtown Austin, Texas, but had no planned users. Consort developed a mixed use site plan and a series of potential users. The site has been built and includes three restaurants, a small office and retail complex and a marina. It has proven to be one of the most popular destination locations in the city. The project won an award for best small commercial site in the city for that year.

Consort has other ongoing planning efforts underway for various clients. While the focus for several years has been private development, the company is moving back to public sector planning as well.

Round Rock Independent School District selected Consort as one to be used on a rotating basis.