Mixed Use

For more than two decades Consort professionals have been involved in mixed use projects. More than 20 years ago a principal in the company laid out the site plan for a 1.2 million square foot complex which included five office buildings, four free standing pads, and a 250,000 square foot shopping center. The first of its kind, a pond providing stormwater control, water quality enhancement, and a three-acre water feature was designed and constructed for the project. This project won national design awards in engineering and landscape architecture. Twenty years later, it is cited as one of the most environmentally-sensitive projects in its Central Texas location. The company has just begun planning another large mixed-use site which includes features similar to the project described above but also includes a residential component.

The firm has also prepared mixed-use projects on very small tracts in the inner City, and has been involved in some unusual mixes, including retail and industrial, and financial and industrial.