Why Consort?


Our professionals are a unique blend of planners, landscape architects, engineers and entitlement geeks.  These are all the disciplines necessary to layout buildings and other facilities on project sites, and to design everything outside the building wall in a seamless way.  We finesse our designs and are often able to eliminate costly unsightly features. These savings can be plowed back into the project, improving the whole of the project. Often we take the lead in the coordination of the entire project building the team of architects, lawyers and other disciplines.


We have been asked to work on some of the most successful projects in Austin. During one five year period, our projects won best in their class for each consecutive year against all others built.  Our imaginative quality includes highest and best use of the land, innovative layouts, exceptionally creative solutions, entitlement problems and the visual impact of the project.


Our company is known to its clients and throughout the development community as relentless, whether that means days and nights of design to meet a deadline, intense pursuit of a solution to a vexing code or entitlement issue, or a creative solution to obtain a certificate of occupancy with three hours to go until grand opening.


The most important characteristic of this firm may be our loyalty to our clients and owners.