For the last two decades, communities have  layered more and more required permits for landowners. Some cities require different and separate permits for the site and building. Almost always separate permits are required for health, restaurant/kitchen wastewater, driveways, signs and trade permits. Multiple agencies, in addition to a city e.g. county, water districts, drainage districts and other special districts require additional permits. These can quickly turn into a bewildering blizzard of time and money, which when undiscovered can bring a project to a complete stop at a most inopportune time.

Consort’s staff is prepared to ferret out all required permits before a project begins. Consort has the staff and experience to pursue all the permits required to construct any level project, whether or not the company prepared the design drawings. Usually, owners or architects hire the firm to pursue the building permits. Contractors seek Consort to apply to obtain trade, concrete, driveway and sign permits.