Landscape Architecture

Consort has a significant group of landscape architects. The goal of this team is to mesh functional aspects of a project with aesthetics, to produce an efficient, workable site plan set in a pleasing, attractive landscape. The firm’s landscape architects work closely with the firm’s planners and engineers to plan and design projects. The landscape architects are trained in all aspects of site design and layout, including building orientation, grading and landscape design, thereby bringing a broad understanding to projects of the opportunities and constraints provided by a piece of property. Our designers consider sustainability, water use and other green technologies. With LEED Certifications, Consort is able to help projects achieve U.S. Green Building LEED Certification.

Consort’s landscape architects have planned and designed projects ranging in scale from less than an acre to hundreds of acres.

Consort was retained by a Central Texas developer to assist in the planning, entitlement, civil engineering design and landscape architecture for a one-half block Central Business District restaurant complex in Austin, Texas. Playing an active role in the project, the firm’s landscape architects assisted in various aspects of the site development process. They helped secure a license agreement from the city of Austin to allow various encroachments into the pubic right-of-way, including the installation of colorful pavers that replaced a cracked concrete sidewalk, through which weeds thrived. The pavers and a highly maintained landscape that incorporates a mix of native and nonnative plants add vibrancy to a once neglected area of downtown’s warehouse district. The project won the award for “Best Central Business District Impact” in a juried competition.

Consort was hired by developers working with a large North American retailer to develop the site development plans for an innovative retail concept facility. The store was part of a 30-acre, 210,000 square-foot center in Austin. The firm’s landscape architects were involved in all aspects of this project, including re-platting, design and layout of the center, landscape design, and permitting. The landscape design for the center emphasizes colorful native plants of Central Texas, artfully set amongst hardscape elements of native limestone.

Recently, Consort was engaged to do a preliminary site plan for a 145-acre site in a booming Central Texas city. Consort’s landscape architects and planners proposed a range of uses for the site based on an analysis of existing uses in the vicinity of the project area, which included retail, restaurant, financial, office, hotel, multi-family residential and multistory mini-storage. These ideas were depicted in a code-compliant preliminary site plan that will form the basis for more detailed design work. The client is moving forward with this large mixed-use project.

Consort’s landscape architects have been involved in various aspects of the site development process throughout the region, complementing the firm’s engineers and planners.