Industrial / Manufacturing

Since the beginning of the company, Consort has been involved in industrial projects. The company was one of the first in the US to use animated truck routing and other vehicles through websites to design sufficient maneuvering room for trucks, while remaining as efficient as possible for the land area used.

A manufacturing firm required a tilt wall building of larger than 250,000 square feet to be delivered from concept to occupancy in less than six months. The Consort project manager was able to configure a building on a site that had been permitted in a different fashion. The design was approved by the manufacturer, a grading plan completed in three days, and construction began while the design was underway. Two general contractors worked on the building beginning on either end, partially coordinated by Consort, while other team members continued to design the project. The manufacturer was in a functioning building in just less than four months.

Consort provided the site planning for an industrial complex totaling more than 1.4 million feet. A Consort team member proposed that the owner use an innovative concept toward subdivision, which proved to be successful in allowing the owner to complete the project almost 18 months before it would have been available under traditional methods.