Civil Engineering

Consort has provided civil engineering services for several hundred clients in communities throughout the Southwestern United States. A full complement of civil engineering skills are offered, including design and consulting services for roadways, stormwater infrastructure, water quality facilities, water and wastewater infrastructure and hydrology/hydraulics.

The firm strives to be innovative and cost effective in its designs. Its engineers are trained to understand that much of the cost of a project can be “hidden” in the engineering design. Every effort is made to minimize cost, while providing excellent design.

Engineers at the firm have been involved in many innovative projects. At a commercial development at the edge of a lake in Central Texas, where land and stormwater quality were at a premium, Consort engineers designed a water quality facility under the outdoor decking of two restaurants next to the water. The engineers specified a highly absorbent filtration media which has protected the waters of this drinking-water lake for the past decade, while allowing commercial development to proceed. It was the first time this product had ever been used for a large water quality project.

A few years later the firm’s engineers designed a large wet pond to work with two other large stormwater detention ponds. These ponds removed an entire neighborhood from the 100-year flood plain and provided effective water quality treatment for a 500-acre fully-developed watershed near the center of a large metropolitan community. The wet pond maintains a large pool of water year round, providing a new source of flora and fauna for the industrial neighborhood.

The company was hired to design 2,800 feet of a major arterial road in one month and have the project fully constructed within 120 days to accommodate the opening of a large factory. This commitment was met and the factory opened on time.

Consort engineers have been responsible for the safe and effective development of several million square feet of offices, retail centers, industrial space, and public buildings throughout the Southwestern United States.