Some projects present thorny problems that do not comfortably fall into one discipline or another. Our professionals have led hundreds of such efforts. This work may include briefing a City Council or County Commissioners, obtaining the approval of a neighborhood association, coordinating an effort at the state legislature or just acting as a cheerleader to the community for a project.

On a recent central business district tower, Consort developed an approach to allow interlocking stairs within the tower, which had never been approved in that community, allowing the 255 unit, 42-story project to proceed.  In another tower, Consort reopened the negotiating process for wide band, telephone and cable services, saving the client more than $400,000 and keeping the project on schedule. And, for a small investor whose project had been stopped by the inspectors, Consort negotiated an agreement among the parties to allow the project to restart at no additional cost to the owner, while satisfying the regulator’s concerns regarding the code violation.