Our History

Consort Inc. was formed in November 1984 to provide multidisciplinary services to various governmental entities and private landowners. These services have grown to include planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, site evaluation, land entitlement, regulatory advocacy, among others. The mission of the firm has been consistent since its inception- to provide very high quality service to its public and private clients and work seamlessly among various professional disciplines.

The Company has provided engineering, landscape architecture and consulting services to more than 450 public and private entities since its inception. The staff is a blend of professionals, some of whom have served extensively in the private sector, and others who have held senior positions in both the public and private sectors including the Texas Legislature and the Texas Governor’s Office.

Consort’s head office is in Austin. The firm had an office in Omaha, Nebraska for many years, with temporary field offices in Houston and El Paso, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana. The Omaha office was established primarily to serve Northern Natural Gas. Services in that office were limited to right of way acquisition, title research and construction claim negotiation. A similar office was opened in El Paso for Transwestern, a large gas pipeline company. The Louisiana field office was opened for the purpose of buying right of way across the state of Louisiana from Texas to Mississippi.

In its history, the company has been consistent in its staffing of professionals. A continuing goal of the Company has been to hire the various professionals required to plan and design all portions of a project except the building. Consequently the firm has a unique blend of planners, engineers and landscape architects. This allows all of the site planning and horizontal development to be prepared in a single firm. It has proven to be an excellent combination for Consort. This method of staffing eliminates many coordination problems, oversights and mistakes that occur when plans are moved back and forth between firms of different disciplines.

Over the last decade, Consort staff has planned, designed and overseen the construction of more than 1,500 projects in Central Texas and beyond.